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Foundations and their contribution to science and genetics

Science foundations from all around the world help discoveries in several science branches in order to improve men’s quality life.

One of those science foundations is SNSF, the Swiss National Science Foundation, which is the most important agency scientific research from Switzerland. It supports several disciplines, from biology to the nanosciences and the medicine.

The European Science Foundation has the goal to get the highest quality science and genetic research and innovation in Europe. EFS’ Standing Committees is composed by leading scientists. At the moment the future at ESF is guaranteed until 2015. Both in 2013 and in 2014 work at research conferences will continue as usual.

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation is a non-profit institutions created to promote research in chemistry and in sciences with particular attention to methods, instruments and materials that can bring new adventures in science field. The Beckman Scholars Program is a program available both for accredited universities and for students in four-year colleges in the United States. The foundation provides scholarships to students which gave significant contribution in the biological and medical sciences. Amount of scholarship is $19,300 for two summers and one academic year.

Princeton University and Pirelli Foundation organize an academic course held by italian Gianni Riotta who from 2014 will discuss, for an entire year, about italian history from the postwar period until present days. Course include scientific documents, manuscripts, movies and songs. With over 140 years of life in italian and worldwide industry, Pirelli has contributed at the most significant phases of italian development, both economical and social.

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